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Peering Through the iFrame

This week we finalized our paper titled “Peering Through the iFrame” that will appear at InfoCom 2011 in Shanghai. In this paper, we present our infiltration of a drive-by-download campaign known as Mebroot that is used to spread several types of … Continue reading

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Anubis – Managing a growing, distributed infrastructure for Binary Analysis [Part II]

In part I of this blog post, I summarized how and why the Anubis system has grown into a not only virtually, but also physically distributed analysis service. In part II, I will explain how we tackled the problem of … Continue reading

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EXPOSURE: A new service from iSecLab goes online

Last month, in this post, we announced an upcoming service called EXPOSURE which detects domain names that are involved in malicious activities. We perform passive DNS analysis. After a period of testing, finally, we started the beta version of the service. … Continue reading

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Apple Sued Over Applications Giving Information to Advertisers

According to this Bloomberg article, a law suit was filed against Apple for allowing applications to give personally identifiable information to advertisement networks without the users’ consent. First off, IANL. However, I feel that my recent work regarding iPhone and … Continue reading

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