Report from SecurityZone 2011 – The 1st International Security Conference in Colombia (Cali)

Last month I was invited to Cali’s SecurityZone for the 1st International Security Conference of Colombia. Edgar Rojas, CEO of The MuRo Group, brought together 16 well-known and strong international security experts for a 2+1 days of conference in a DEFCON/BlackHat style. Among them, strong personalities such as Ian Amit, Chris John Riley, Stefan Friedli and Chris Nickerson have animated the event by talking of cyberwar attacks, compliance, read team testing and threats modeling.

The numbers alone document the success of this first security event in Colombia: the conference hosted more than 450 attendees from all over Colombia, UK, USA, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, and over 2400 people were connected via streaming.

But the SecurityZone’s success is not only a matter of numbers: Among the many conferences I have been in these last days, SecurityZone has been certainly one of the best for their people. The organizers did an excellent job in putting together this event. I won’t forget their cordiality, kindness, friendly and always smiling attitude. At the same time, our attendees were hungry of knowledge, always asking for information and photos:-)

I am now looking forward to SecurityZone 2012, and in the meanwhile follow us on Twitter!

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